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Instruction to Fill Annual Return filing Form

An Overview of Returns Under FSSAI

Food Safety & Standards (FSS) Act, 2006, was introduced by Government of India with the objective to regulate the food industry. The FSS Act, 2006, contains laws that regulates sale, manufacturing, storage, distribution (within the country )and import & export of food items (to & from) the country.

It s very important for the Food Department to make sure that all the required instructions are followed & compliances are duly fulfilled by the food business operator. FSS Act has made it compulsorily for any person obtain the FSSAI License before starting a Food Business. Person doing Food Business has been termed as FOOD BUSINESS OPERATOR, under the FSS Act, 2006.

When any FBO registers under FSS ACT, he is granted a Registration / Licence. While applying for licence, FBO submits various details about his food business which helps Food Department analyse FBO. FSS Act, 2006 also lays down rules for submission of Returns by the FBO. While the FSSAI Registration ensures that the food consumed is safe & healthy for human consumption. The Food Business Operators must comply with the FSSAI compliances and file the FSSAI Returns. Failure to comply with requirements of Returns results in heavy penalties. And failure to pay penalties will restrict FBO to Renew its Licence.

Different Types of FSSAI Annual Return

There are 2 kinds of Returns, viz Annual Returns & Half Yearly Returns.
FSSAI ANNUAL RETURNS : All FBOs, doing business of food packers, food importers, food manufacturers, food labellers, food re-packers & food re-labellers shall mandatorily file Form D1 with the FSSAI Licensing Authority. Form D1 can be filed online as well as physically. If filed physically, the return should be filed with the food safety commissioner. All FBOs should compulsorily file Form D1 within the prescribed time limits, of the food products they are dealing, in the preceding Financial Year.

FSSAI HALF YEARLY RETURNS : Half Yearly Returns are required to be filed by the FBO engaged in the business of importing food items and those involved in manufacturing of Milk & Milk Products. Half Yearly Returns are filed in Form D2.

One Licence One Return : As per FSS Act, 2006, separate returns are required for each licence held. For Ex : If any FBO holds 5 different Licences, He shall file 5 different returns for all the licences held by him. Even if the same food business is carried on under all the licences.


Benefits of Complying with FSSAI Annual Return

There are numerous benefits of complying with FSSAI Annual Returns in India, a few of them are given below:-

Who can File the FSSAI Annual Return?

1. Every FBO selling, importing, manufacturing, storing, handling, exporting, distributing or transporting any type of food product;

2. Every Food Business Operator having a State or Central Licence is required to file Returns under FSS Act. Those businesses having a Basic Registration Certificate (i.e. business turnover of less than Rs. 12 lakhs), are exempted from FSSAI Annual Compliance.

3. The Food Business Operator is involved in the distribution & manufacturing of milk.

Necessary Details required in FSSAI Returns (Annual / Half Yearly)

The below-mentioned details are required to be included in the FSSAI Annual Return Form, which is as follows:-
  1. Name of the food product exported, imported, manufactured, or handled;
  2. Quantity in metric tonnes;
  3. Value;
  4. Size of the bottle, can, bulk package or any other package.
  1. Name of the port or nation of export;
  2. The quantity imported or exported in kg;
  3. Value;
  4. Rate per kg/per unit of packing FOB or CIF.
  1. Name and Address of Food Business Operator;
  2. FSSAI License Number;
  3. Details of purchase of milk products or items such as the source or purchase, average fat, name of the mil product, total quantity purchase, and SNF (%) quantity used & closing balance;
  4. Constitution details of Firm / Company;
  5. Details of procurement such as type of milk, total quantity MT, total SNF content MT, price Rs/kg of milk, fate & SNF;
  6. Details of milk marketing;
  7. Details of milk products manufactured, sold, and stock position;
  8. Statement showing quantities of milk products, manufactured and exported in tonnes with their sale value during the period.

How to file FSSAI Annual Return in India?

The Food Business Operators can file the FSSAI Returns online as well as offline.

Due Date for FSSAI Returns?

Form D1
The due date to file Form D1 by the Food Business Operators is on or before 31st May for every Year for the preceding Financial Year.

Ex : For FY 2022 – 23 (i.e. for Period 01/04/2022 – 31/03/2023 Form D1 shall be filed by 31st May 2023.
For Applicability of Form D1, Click here

Form D2
Form D2 is a half-yearly form and it must be filed for the period from 1st April to 30th September and from 1st October to 31st March every Financial Year by the. For Applicability of Form D1, Click here

The due date to file Form D2 is as follows:

Half-Yearly Period Due Date to File Form D2
1st April to 30th September Within 31st October
1st October to 31st March Within 30th April

Exemption from filing FSSAI Return?

Exempting certain entities from filing the FSSAI Annual Return, which is as follows:

  1. Canteens;
  2. Restaurants;
  3. Fast-food joints;
  4. Grocery stores

Penalty for Late filing of FSSAI Annual Return

According to Section 2.1.13 (3) of FSS (Licensing and Registration) Regulations, 2011, if the Food Business Operators do not file the FSSAI Annual / Half Yearly Return within the prescribed time frame, a fine of Rs 100 / day will be imposed on non complying FBOs. This penalty of Rs. 100 / day will be levied for the number of days return was delayed.

For Ex : A Milk Products Manufacturar filed half Yearly Return due for the Period Oct, 22 – March, 23 on September 30th 2023. In This case period of Default is 153 days ( Due Date was 30/04/2023, Filing was done on 30/09/2023) Amount of Penalty will be Rs. 15,300/-.

Also, FBO will not be allowed to apply for a new licence and renew its existing licence until Penalty for Delay in FSSAI Annual Return is paid.

Additional Regulations under the FSSAI Act

A food business must comply with the given mentioned compliances:

• FSSAI rules state factory's sanitary and hygiene and also keeps a record of worker's hygiene.

• Keep up day-by-day records of creation, crude materials, use, and sales independently.

• Guarantee that the source and norms of raw material utilized are of ideal quality.

• Not to produce, store or expose for sale any article of food in any premises that is close by or part of any privy, urinal, sullage, channel, or spot of the capacity of waste issue.

• Daily, clean the machines and other equipment.

• Guarantee testing of pertinent synthetic as well as microbiological contaminants in food items, at any rate, once in a half year.

• Guarantees that the temperature is exact all through the store network from the spot of obtainment or sourcing until it arrives at the end buyer.

How does Support its Client in filing FSSAI Annual Return?

filing FSSAI annual return is a tedious and cumbersome process and every Food business operator holding FSSAI Licence must file FSSAI Annual Return, unless exempted under the FSS Act.

All these FBOs are required to file FSSAI ANNUAL RETURN in Form D1 who indulge in manufacturing, whereas the FBOs dealing with the production, distribution of milk and milk products are required to file FSSAI Half Yearly Return in Form D2. recommends that properly filing up the form is very important. Errors can proved to be costly. It is always advisable to take assistance of professionals while filing up the Annual / Half Yearly Returns.

Frequently Asked Questions

Answer: Every Business involved in
- Manufacturing of Food Products,
- Import of Food Products,
- Export of food products,
- Selling of Food Products,
is required to file for the FSSAI Return.

Every Business engaged in manufacturing and distribution of dairy products should file for a half-yearly return.
Food Business Operators can file FSSAI ANNUAL RETURN either :

- Online, or
- Offline.

Online Return can be filed on FSSAI Government Website.
Offline Return shall be filed with Food Safety Commissioner.
Details of the food items manufactured, produced, or sell. Description of the Size of a bottle or any other package and Quantity in Metric Ton.

Value of the products and the selling price per Kg item or unit of packing Details of the Exported or imported quantity in Kgs and the list of details of countries or ports where they are imported and exported. Rate of Carriage In freight and Freight on Board.
Following kind of FBOs are exempted :

- Fast food joints,
- Restaurants,
- Grocery stores, and
- Canteens.
If a person fails to file FSSAI Return on time, he will be liable for a penalty of Rs. 100 which will be charged every day for the time for which the delay continues.
The Below-mentioned forms are used for filing FSSAI returns-

Form D1 -For other manufacturing units and importer
Form D2 -For Milk processing units with half-year returns
Following kind of FBOs are exempted :

- Fast food joints,
- Restaurants,
- Grocery stores, and
- Canteens.
Irrespective of the previous year’s production, all the Food Business operators need to file FSSAI Form D-1. FORM D-1 is an annual return.

Form D1 can either be filed electronically or in the physical form specified by the Food Safety Commissioner.
Every Food Business Operator engaged in Manufacturing milk or dairy products needs to file a Half-yearly return in FORM D-2.

This return is for a period starting from 1st April to 30th September and 1st October to 31st March of every financial year.
The last date for filing the FSSAI Return is 31st May of every financial year.